The Benefits of Walking for Seniors-your heart will love you

Let’s Get Started

The Benefits of Walking for Seniors, if you are a “baby-boomer”, or in the over-60’s club, are all included in this short blog, written especially for you.

These are 5 guaranteed benefits that walking brings to you.

After you finish reading my post you will want to jump into your walking shoes and begin a disciplined walking program.

I walked here
take the time to appreciate all that Nature has to offer

Consider this well-documented fact.

Less than 50% of Americans exercise at a level that meets the minimum standards for good health.

Walking is Easy

Walking is the easiest and the most affordable way to solve this problem. Of course, walking is easy, unless you are injured or are unable to do so beforehand.

My first suggestion is that you find a walking partner or join a club if you are not sufficiently disciplined to do so by yourself.

This increases your level of safety and is also a great way to not talk yourself out of your daily walk. There are also many walking clubs in almost all cities, towns, and villages that can help you get started if you lack that “just-small-push” to get you off the couch!

1.  Walking is Free, … no charge!

Unless you are walking inside a recreation center because of inclement weather, or in a shopping mall, with your credit card at hand, walking does not cost a penny, that is, as long as the “government” doesn’t “get into” the walking business.

At the moment, you do not have to be registered, … by the government to walk! This is only because “The Committee” has not been formed yet to look into how the “government” could teach you how to walk and when to walk, and many other “things” about walking, that only a government committee and additional sub-committees could arrive at.

This process could only be accelerated in an election year or when their pensions are under review.

By now, I hope I have impressed upon you the need to get out there and start walking before the government creates a “Department of Walking”.

The Benefits of Walking for Seniors-your heart will love you

2.  Walking is an Excellent Cardio-Vascular Exercise

That’s right! Walking is the easiest way to keep yourself in shape. Walking is good for your heart, your lungs, and your overall good health.

The cardiovascular benefits of walking are numerous.

Walking alleviates cardiac risk factors like cholesterol, blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, vascular stiffness, and inflammation, not to forget mental stress.

If protecting your heart, and a lower death rate, are not enough to get you walking yet, think about how a regular walking program can also help protect you against dementia, peripheral artery disease, obesity, diabetes, depression, colon cancer, and even erectile dysfunction.

3.  Walking Requires very little Specialized Equipment

The Benefits of Walking for Seniors-Easy Does It!
get up and go, no special equipment required

Another huge benefit of walking is that it requires no special equipment except the clothes you are wearing.

Once I have you walking on a regular basis, I will offer you my secret tips on how to improve your walking experience with better footwear, and clothing, to match your level of activity, and the environment you exercise in.

Walking Sticks are lightweight, and excellent, for added balance and cardio.

4.  You can Walk just about Anywhere

You can walk around the block, around the lake, or in the park.

Another easy way to get started in the program is to join a walking club. If there is none where you live, start one.

You can walk with your partner, your friends, and even your grandchildren.

5. A Great Way to Socialize

Tell your grandchildren that your regular walking partner is preoccupied and you don’t like to walk alone. This will work most of the time, and I have used it before.

This is a time-proven method of building a solid relationship with them. They love to talk about everything.

Soon you’ll be back home and wondering where the time went.

Closing Thoughts

Learning to Walk is one of our first major accomplishments. Next to our first words, walking on our own, without holding on to the furniture or being held up by others, brings joy to everyone.

It is cheered and celebrated by all who are present.

Your first steps clearly prove that you have arrived into the world of grown-ups. You are now a more independent creature and will soon become that out of control “child of beauty”.

Do you remember your children’s first steps?

Are you walking regularly now, and if so what secret tips, can you provide me and my readers with?

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