Are you the Boss?-will you lead in a crisis?

Can you lead in a crisis?

Are you the Boss?-Will you lead in a crisis? Bosses are leaders. They are people driven by passion and possessing tons of energy. They have a vision. Do you? They have a goal to realize. A vision to bring to life, and come hell or high water, they will achieve whatever it is that they set their sights on.

Being a boss is not for the weak and faint-hearted. Unless you are passionate about your dream, goal, or whatever it is that your think you can achieve, stay away from the big boys. They will eat you for dinner, and usually while you are still alive.

Are you still sitting on the fence?

Is this where you are … searching for a new beginning … tired of the humdrum … tired of performing meaningless tasks … day in, day out … well, why not do something about it?

Why not take control of your own life, why not be your own boss! There are over 2 billion people using the internet every day … searching for information … and making online purchases. Do you want a piece of the action?

I have been my own boss for years, and I can say that while you will spend more hours at your own business, the energy and emotional attachment you derive from your passion will have no equal.

Find Your Passion

What does this mean? Finding your passion means, finding something that you are truly excited about, something that you just can’t wait to get started, something that you don’t want to stop doing, and something that consumes your being. No boring life here, waiting for the clock to tell you when to go home.

This is one of life’s little secrets. Everyone’s heard of it, but few have the guts and tenacity to enter the arena. All the men and women that achieve great success have it. You must enjoy what you do to be very successful at it. No one has ever achieved success doing something that they did not like. This is where you have to begin your journey if you want to be your own boss!

Are you ready for the challenge? 

It is true that many successful people did not complete high school or university, but it cannot be said that these people are uneducated.

It’s a sure bet that these people are voracious readers, always reading, always studying … always learning! Educating yourself cannot be overly emphasized. This is another one of life’s secrets, education. You don’t have to know them all, only a few to get started. 

The rest is all hard work!

Being an Entrepreneur is not for everyone

Running a business is not for everyone. Maybe you’re more comfortable waiting for the light to change, or for this pandemic to end. What have you got to lose? 

Do yourself a favour! Why not click on the link below and begin the journey to becoming your own boss … do it now! … you have nothing to lose … It’s FREE! … Yes FREE!

Have a look at how you can start from being a complete newbie … to finding a niche … building a website … and monetizing your website.

Here is an engaging community, always willing to help 24/7/365! Your first week here is free to explore if this is for you.

At the end of this first week, you will know if this opportunity is for you or not? If you are too timid to explore new opportunities, don’t waste your time dreaming of owning your own business. You will be more comfortable working for a boss.

If you choose to stay, and many people do, you will choose of your own free will … there is NO OTHER school or university where you can get this much … education and support that I am aware of. 

Take Action Today!

I’ve given you a few secrets to becoming your own boss … it’s up to you to take action on it … take action now … do not spend your limited time, wait for the light to change, or the pandemic to be over. People are online now, buying products that you could be selling, from the comfort of your own home.

Each moment you wait, is part of your precious life wasted working to build someone else’s dream. This will not be easy … this is NOT a get rich quick scheme.

The most intelligent part of this program is that you do not have to quit your job, which I don’t recommend by the way. Never quit your job unless you have a better one to go to.

Another benefit of this program is that you can study at your own pace, any time you want … and begin your adventure to a happier life where you can finally CONTROL a larger part of it!

Good luck, with all of your life’s adventures and may you Find Your PASSION! Stop waiting and start doing!

leading is for leaders, looks easy, but there is only one leader in this picture

4 thoughts on “Are you the Boss?-will you lead in a crisis?”

  1. Very motivating! I’ve been working hard and being my own boss for a couple of months now doing what I love most: writing! It’s been amazing and I know that I’m going somewhere. It feels great that all the wealth that I have is within me. And that it’s up to me to pull it out through my creativity, research, writing, and hard work. And the support in the community you referenced is unbelievable. I’ve tried to learn what I’m learning now on my own and it was so frustrating. It’s so important to have the framework, steps, lessons, resources, and *community* that Wealthy Affiliate provides.

    Thanks for the motivating words. Sometimes I forget that I am the BOSS 😉

    • Thank you, Nicole, for the kind words.

      I am pleased to hear that you have found “the boss” who was living within you. It’s a great feeling to accomplish something that has real value for us. 

      When we can work as hard for ourselves, as we work for others, it becomes a sure win. I cannot begin to count the thousands of hours that I worked building other people’s dreams. Now it’s my time to work for me, and I see you have found it also.

      You are a BOSS! Congratulations.


  2. It’s so important to do what we love to do, to turn our passion into our life’s work, and at the same time so many people are stuck in jobs they hate without having the courage to leave the 9 to 5 trap and really go for it. It takes guts, very true. Being your own boss is a dream of many but few make it come true.

    How many courses are free in this program? Can it help me set up my own website and start my own business?

    • Good Day, Christine.

      Part of being a business owner is doing lots of research. I know that you have clicked and read a few of my links. I suggest that you go back and spend the time to fully explore this program.

      There is a free, 1-week tour, to familiarize yourself with what this platform offers. This is a legitimate learning platform at a very fair price. You owe it to yourself to explore it fully. Once a member, you will get to see all that it offers. 

      For me to give you a long list of everything that is included is impossible in this short comment.

      This program is about learning how to build an online business. It focuses on affiliate marketing, how to build your own website, how to get traffic to your site, and how you earn income. All of this is included.

      A free keyword tool, a caring community, a free weekly webinar, and tons of relevant classes are the beginning.

      Like I mentioned previously, take the 1-week free tour. Take your time reading through it and don’t rush it.

      Get back to me with any questions you have after reading and exploring this platform.

      Thanks for reading my post.



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