Writing For Profit-the easy way

Writing Can is a Learned Skill

Writing for Profit-the easy way is a method of earning a living from your writing. If you like to write, learn how you can market this valuable skill. The easy way is an add-on to my title. There is no easy way, and there are no magic formulas on the road to success. ” the easy way ” is there to show you the power of words, and your ability to use is a powerful skill to carry in your toolbox. Never let anyone deter you from your dreams and aspirations. Writing can be learned through study and practice.

An easy method of improving your writing is through reading. All good writers are prolific readers, and reading is editing the writing of other writers. When we read the works of other writers we learn how to better craft stories and other literary works of our own.

The Real World

Most people will never earn a penny from their writing; to be fair, only some people want to make a living writing words on a page. Everyone is not cut out to be a writer, just as not to be a doctor or an airplane pilot. If you write, and you like writing, write until you make it a habit. Writing is a great way to clarify your thoughts. You will increase your vocabulary and become a better thinker. Being a better thinker and a better writer makes you more articulate and a more powerful person. You will gain confidence and become better able to articulate your thoughts in speech and print.

Writing is a craft that you have to learn before it can offer any value to your reading public. The reality of writing for profit is that your end product has to pass the test, and this test, is the reader’s approval.

Where to Begin

The place to begin is the same as with any other field of endeavour. You have to learn the craft before you can earn a living at it. If you want to learn a trade, become a doctor, or an airplane pilot, you cannot simply walk into a hospital and begin treating patients. Why should writing be any different? Writing in your diary or maintaining a journal is a fun way of pursuing this hobby.

Writing well is difficult, but the art of writing is easy to begin. Get a scribbler and a pen and write. You can also write on a keyboard. Writing is as easy as putting the thoughts in your head to paper. Many writers begin with a journal or a diary. There are as many types of journals as there are writers, and they can be applied to private or professional purposes.

Develop a Routine

Choose a time a day, and begin with the date. Now you can write about anything that pops up in your mind. Let yourself go. You are not being judged for your writing, and no one will ever see what you wrote or even care. Using this method, you can easily get 500 words on paper.

I use 500 words as a benchmark because it was Ernest Hemingway’s daily target. Whether you read Ernest Hemingway’s novels or short stories is not important. Hemingway wrote many novels and short stories and won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1954.

Hemingway also earned a living, writing for a number of newspapers, throughout his literary career. I use this example to show that there is hope at the end of the tunnel, even if you do not write thousands of words every day.

Some well-published and financially successful writers write 1000 to 7000 words per day. Some writers write more, but these are examples that I am familiar with. My point is this, write because you want to, not because you have to, and in this way, you will learn if writing is for you.

Writing for Profit-the easy way

The Easiest Way to Get Started

The easiest way to get started is by starting a blog. You can begin by publishing your own blog and monitoring the results of your efforts.

Building your own website blog ensures that your material will be published.

Other methods of getting your material published, such as writing for a newspaper or a magazine are more difficult to break into.

You can start now by clicking on this link. I said that you can start a blog today. Anyone can start a blog, in the way that anyone can start a paper route. Writing for your blog, and writing content that people will want to read is a different kettle of fish, but by starting your very own blog, you will be certain that your writing material gets published.

Writing for Profit-the easy way

Writing a blog that can sell, and earn you a paycheck has to be of excellent quality and for a specific niche market. By clicking on the link above, or this link, if you missed the top link, you can learn how to start a blog in a niche of your choice. Writing about something you like with the possibility of earning an income while doing it is a very exciting experience.

Imagine being in control of something you like for once. This is an opportunity that few people are brave enough to accept, but the challenge can be rewarding.

The competition is ferocious. There are thousands of people just like you who want to earn a living writing, and most have been doing it for many years and are better writers than you are now. The solution is to improve your craft.

Where to Learn Writing

You can improve your writing by attending classes, classically taking courses, or you can attend these classes in an online capacity.

Reading is as important to writing, as the practice of writing itself. All great writers are readers.

The more you read and the more varied your choices are, the more you will be exposed to the best writers. These people have already published their works. They have passed the tests necessary to have a publisher want to invest in their product.

Writing for Profit-the easy way

Read and Write

The decision to earn a living in writing is up to you. Reading and writing are two of the most useful habits you can learn in your education process.

Your education is your responsibility. There is no argument against getting educated.

People who can read and write become better citizens.

They become better informed and are more capable of improving their lives and the lives of others. They are able to contribute more to society and provide a positive benefit to everyone.

I read all the comments I receive from my readers. I am not Ernest Hemingway or Victor Hugo, and reading comments is a part of my daily routine.

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