I am the warrior writer.

The will to write is embedded in me forever. It found its place gradually as I began consuming books.

Pity the fool who has not, or will not, read a book. An opinion only, but be forewarned. Books are one of mankind’s greatest inventions, and until Gutenberg found a method to reproduce them efficiently they were a rare commodity. Monks and scholars would sit for years, in natural light, or by candlelight, and copy by hand, these precious volumes of knowledge.

I began reading books at a very young age, thanks to my mother.

Today, my love of books has not diminished. In fact, books and reading have become as important to me, as food is for my stomach. Many people feel the same way as I do and my journey into reading has evolved into writing.

Writing appeared to be an easy task, and it is. Writing is easy. Writing well is more difficult.

Writing pages, and creating stories, that people want to read, is a story in itself.

Welcome to my new website, https://www.warriorwriter.com.

This is my journey into the world of words.