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Jerusalem Express (2 of 3): Shades of Gray

Given the entrenched (and often contrasting) perspectives of Israelis and Palestinians on contentious issues like ownership of Jerusalem, the status of Gaza, and Israeli settlements in the West Bank there is a palpable tension in the region that sometimes spills over into violent confrontation. A growing number of individuals, government officials and nongovernmental organizations have championed peaceful resolutions to the conflict […]

Jerusalem Express (1 of 3): The Old City

Jerusalem, a Middle Eastern city in the Levant with historical ties to several of the world’s most widely practiced religions, is today one of the most frequently visited Loca sancta for pilgrims of numerous faiths. The most ancient of Jerusalem’s numerous enclaves is the Old City, where archeological records indicate that human settlements existed as […]

Stockholm Express (1 of 2): Scandinavian Standout

On bright summer mornings in Stockholm, the enticing aromas of freshly baked cardamom buns and strong espresso waft out from bakeries and restaurants lining the cobbled streets of the city’s historic old town, Gamla Stan. Located at the heart of modern-day Stockholm, the 13th century city center is a popular destination for tourists and locals, […]

Melbourne Express (2 of 2): Victoria’s Gem

The first images people usually associate with Australia are those of the Sydney Opera House’s distinctive white shells reflecting off the water in the city’s beautiful harbor, the towering red sandstone of Uluru (Ayers Rock) set against a rugged outback landscape or the Great Barrier Reef. These iconic sites are certainly captivating, but represent only […]