Tokyo Express (2 of 5): Metropolis in Motion

In a metropolitan area with more than 35 million residents, life tends to move rather quickly. Large populations in tightly packed urban settings are usually a recipe for chaos in other major cities around the globe, but not in Tokyo. With one of the world’s most reliable public transit systems, a highly-developed, modern infrastructure, and a cultural system that values cooperation and order, Tokyo’s populace seems to glide through the city with machine-like precision.


Like so many cells rushing through a body’s veins and arteries, the people on Tokyo’s many crowded streets and in its massive network of subterranean passages move with purpose and unerring efficiency. They create a unique pulse that enlivens Tokyo and helps it flourish.

Shibuya Street Zoom
14mm @ 1/500, f/4, ISO 200
Tokyo Metro
24mm @ 1/320, f/2, ISO 1600
Shibuya Streets
70mm @ 1/100, f/4.5, ISO 200
Shinjuku Biker
24mm @ 1/60, f/4, ISO 1600
Roppongi Crossing
14mm @ 1s, f/5, ISO 100
Kabukichō Crossing
14mm @ 1/160, f/4, ISO 1600
Guy's Night on Center Gai
105mm @ 1/200, f/2.8, ISO 1600
Shinjuku Crossing
50mm @ 1/250, f/2, ISO 1600
Roppongi Light Trails
24mm @ 25s, f/11, ISO 100

Check out these and other high-resolution shots from Tokyo in my set on Flickr.

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