Parenthood: The Adventure Begins

My wife gave birth to a beautiful (10lb. 3oz.) baby boy July 29. As a result, I’ve been a bit busy learning how to be a dad for the past week. Parenthood is a remarkable experience, and I can only hope to fill my son’s life with as much joy and excitement as he filled our hearts with over the past six days. I promise not to make this blog an online photo album all about my little guy, but I think I’m entitled to at least a couple of proud papa posts. Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to introduce Atticus Jackson Pacheco.

50mm @ 1/100, f/2, ISO 1100
70mm @ 1/60, f/2.8, ISO 1600
105mm @ 1/20, f/3, ISO 3200
105mm @ 1/60, f/3, ISO 400
85mm @ 1/250, f/2, ISO 100
4.3mm @ 1/20, f/2.4, ISO 320
105mm @ 1/60, f/5, ISO 800

As always, you can check out the high resolution versions in my set on Flickr.

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