The Lonely Carnival

Every year, a touring carnival group sets up their rides and attractions for a couple weeks in the parking lot of a rather ill-regarded shopping mall near where I live in Northern Virginia. The first week is always a crowded mess, with residents pouring out of the numerous nearby housing complexes into the technicolor abomination like it’s going to melt away when the sun comes up (I wish). I had only ever gone to this particular carnival once before, and that was on a dare. However, today was unusually chilly and I figured the cold weather might keep most people inside, making it worth the $2 entry fee for me to wander around and try out the high ISO capabilities of my new Nikon D4. What I found was a mostly abandoned midway, lots of grime and a bunch of colorful lights—perfect subjects for some gritty, nighttime, street photography.

15mm @ 20s, f/18, ISO 100
82mm @ 1/160, f/2.8, ISO 4500
200mm @ 1/2500, f/2.8, ISO 4500
170mm @ 1/80, f/2.8, ISO 4500
35mm @ 8s, f/10, ISO 100
34mm @ 1/250, f/2.8, ISO 4500
36mm @ 1/160, f/2.8, ISO 4500
70mm @ 1/160, f/2.8, ISO 4500
38mm @ 1/200, f/2.8, ISO 3200


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